The Patriot Wrestling Club (PWC) is committed to a vision that has at its core increased athletic opportunity for students ages 5-18. We hope to provide a spawning ground for local Junior High and High School wrestling teams. Teams that draw students and help them prepare for life and to choose an institution of higher education for their continued academic excellence.

The PWC/Idaho Express was founded with the student athlete in mind. We are composed of volunteers committed to helping our young people accomplish their goals and dreams, and to reach for excellence in everything they do. Through athletic endeavor, club leadership responsibilities and community involvement, we hope to help our wrestler’s prepare to meet a competitive world head on. Our hope is that they will have been equipped through their academic involvement and athletic success to take on what life presents as their competition to the mat, score and emerge champions.

Just a quick reminder that the on-line PWC gear store will be closing this Friday, Feb. 16 at midnight.  Don’t wait to get your orders in!!

I have a request for those who have bought a custom singlet in the past two years from our clubs.  Could you please bring in one of your singlets so that we have some at practice tonight for new kids to try on for size?

Just a few disclosures and notes about the store.
There are NO returns.
There are minimum order quantities we must meet for each item in order for that item to be made.
Anything that is screen printed must have at least 12 total orders per item.
Anything that is embroidered must have at least 6 total orders per item.
NOTE:  We have not had issues with this in the past.  But, if you do order an item and the minimum order is NOT met, you will get your money refunded.
Most items come with a sizing chart.  Those are estimates and suggested sizes for a given height and/or weight.  I would suggest to error on the side of too large so that your wrestler can grow into it if the size doesn’t fit.  Again, no returns on sizes that don’t fit.
The store will be open for orders until Midnight on Friday, February 16.  That is a strong deadline so nothing can be ordered after that date.

We will try to have some custom singlets from previous years at practice so kids can try them on for size.  The custom Cliff Keen singlet sizing can be tricky.

We are very confident that the singlets will be in for our home tournament on March 16, 17 barring any major factory catastrophes.  I am somewhat confident that they will be in by the 1st tourney of the season on March 9, 10.  We can’t guarantee that they will be here on time as I’ve seen the time from order to arrival as little as 3 weeks and as much as 5 weeks.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE TO BE A MEMBER OF PWC.  This is just the icing on the cake if you want some cool, custom PWC gear to represent.

Use this link to get to the store website:  Type in STORE CODE ‘pwc18’ to pull our store up.

Email me with any questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.  Have fun shopping!
Thanks, Andy
PWC Secretary / Coach

Thanks everyone for a great first week of practice!  We have a lot of kids again this year.  That will make for a very exciting upcoming season.

  • USA Wrestling cards at -> memberships – > Purchase memberships
    You will have to create a profile and then follow the steps after.
    You want the Freestyle/Greco card
  • Bathe after every practice with an antibacterial soap
  • Wash practice cloths after every practice
  • I have added the 2018 WIWA Freestyle/ Greco tournament schedule below.
    There are quite a few open dates that we expect will get filled in.  As that happens I will add it to our weekly email.




Gable Watson 2017 Western Regionals Greco Runner up.
Tyler Pendleton 2017 Western Regionals Greco Champion
Joe Watson 2017 Western Regionals Greco 4th Place








Hayden Tuma World Team Member







2017 Idaho School Boy Dual Team
Fargo 2017
Jett Nelson 2017 Western Regionals






Ryan Wilson Fargo 2017
Trent Tucker And Gable Watson
Jackson Moon Fargo 2017








Western Idaho Wrestling Association (WIWA)
Fall Schedule
Age Group (grade divisions): Pre-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th 

October 28 Kick off Clinic & Tournament @ Meridian High School

Clinicians: Doc Bennett Former National Developmental Coach for USA Wrestling & United States Olympic Committee Coach of The Year 2008 & Chris Owens Developmental Director Idaho USA Wrestling

Nov. 4 @ Kuna High School

Nov. 11 @ Centennial High School (Patriot Club)

Nov. 18 @ Vallivue High School

Nov. 25 @ Bishop Kelly host by Legacy Club

Dec. 8th Friday Night Fights @ Centennial High School

December 16th Fall Folkstyle Festival @ Mt. View High School Meridian, ID

Click Here for the Registration Forms


Help Support the following PWC Wrestlers to compete in the National Championships and School Boy Duals this summer.

Click on The link for the following sponsorship’s.   All help is greatly appropriated.
PWC Team Sponsorship

Gable and Joe Watson

Ryan Wilson

Tyler Pendleton

2017 US Open

Congratulations to our PWC National Team Members! 

Schoolboy National Team Members who will be competing in the National Schoolboys Duels in Indianapolis, Indiana  June 7-12.
Tyler Pendleton  91
Joe Watson    98
Aiden O’Donald   136

 Cadet National Team Members will be competing in the Cadet National Championships in Fargo, North Dakota July 14-22
Jackson Moon     106
Ryan Wilson        138
Gable Watson       160
Jett Nelson   120

On behalf of the PWC board and coaches, a HUGE thank you to our wrestlers for sticking out the season and thanks to all those who supported our wrestlers through it all.  Being a supporter of wrestlers is just as difficult and rewarding as being a wrestler so thanks parents and families!


Here are some quick announcements for the upcoming weeks.

  • We will continue to hold Elite level practice through the conclusion of the season culminating at the Western Regional tournament.
  • Elite practice this week (May 24-27) will be held from 6:00 – 7:30.
    That schedule may change after this week.  I’ll get an email out when more is known on the practice schedule going forward.
    Western Regionals will be held in Pocatello, ID June 18-24.
    Here is a link to that web site should you be interested…
  • Online registration will open April 4 and will be available until Wednesday, June 14, at 8:00 PM Pacific Time. Registration will also be available on-site.
  • We are in the process of planning an end-of-the-year party for the club athletes and families.  More details will be sent out once those plans are solidified.

On behalf of the PWC board and coaches, a HUGE thank you to our wrestlers for sticking out the season and thanks to all those who supported our wrestlers through it all.  Being a supporter of wrestlers is just as difficult and rewarding as being a wrestler so thanks parents and families!

We look forward to another great season in 2018.

Once again, thanks to all who participated and supported the club at the State Tournament!

2017 Reno Worlds

We still have some gear in limited sizes and supplies if you’re interested.  Below is a listing of available gear.  Shoot me an email or text/call (340-6259) if you would like to take a look and/or purchase anything.

Hats $30
FolkStyle Singlet $74
My House Fight Shorts: $47

We had another awesome showing for the Patriot Wrestling club this past weekend at our own Patriot Invitational tournaments.  We had 11 Greco, 47 Freestyle and 26 folksyte wrestlers.  Below are some tourney results.

Congratulations again to Tyler Pendleton for capturing the outstanding wrestler award for Schoolboy division!!!

Thanks to all who made our home tournament a huge success!  It was a lot of work but well worth it for our wrestlers and fans.

Hello PWC Family,
WEEKEND UPDATE:  This weekend four of our Elite boys traveled to Pocatello to wrestle in the always super tough Intermountain Warrior Challenge.  With close to 900 wrestlers entered in the tournament from multiple states, we had three placers.  Tyler Pendleton 3rd Place Middle School 91 lbs, Joe Watson 5th Place Middle School 98 lbs, and Jackson Moon 3rd Place – Middle School 105 lbs.  Great job boys!!!

Hello PWC family.  What an awesome showing for the Patriot Wrestling club this weekend at both Greco and Freestyle Nampa Battle for the Belt tourney!  We had 14 Greco and 43 Freestyle wrestlers.

We had 2 Outstanding Wrestler awards.  Congratulations to Tyler Pendleton and Jackson Moon for bringing home the belt!!!  Congratulations to ALL of our PWC wrestlers who took the next step and showed up to compete!

We have a few announcements for everyone…

First, for those of you who have not yet picked up you PWC shirt and shorts, Sarah will put them in a bag and put your name on the bag so you can pick them up this week at practice.

Second, the PWC online store was closed last week and orders have been placed.  Gear will take at least a couple weeks to make and ship back to us.  I hope to have the gear ready for our PWC Invitational tourney in a couple weeks.  I’ll let everyone know when the gear arrives so you can pick it up at practice.

Third, there are no USA Wrestling tournaments in the valley this coming weekend, 3/10-11.  There is a rather large tournament in Pocatello, ID called Intermountain Warrior Challenge.  I have attached the flier for those interested.

Lastly, our club will be hosting a tournament on March 17,18.  The flier to that tourney is attached as well.  We will need help with all aspects of hosting the tourney so please contact Sarah Watson (Cell: 861-1771, email: if you are able to help make this the valleys best tourney!

We would like to Recognize our PWC Elite High School Wrestlers for an Outstanding Year.   All of our boys qualified and Wrestled in this years State Tournament.

       Jett Nelson Freshman 113
Season Record 27-17
6th place @ Districts

Ryan Wilson SOPHOMORE 126           gable watson freshman 160
season record 45-11                          season record 20-21
3rd @ Districts                                  7th place @ districts
4th place @ state                              

Joe Watson Represents the PWC in Tulsa Oklahoma Competing in Flo Nationals. 
Tyler Pendleton Places 2nd at the 2017 Salt Lake Slam and also becomes a part of the belt buckle club winning the Jay Winn Memorial tournament in Oregon. 

Congratulations to the Lowell Scott Wrestling team for their outstanding PERFORMANCE at Middle school Districts this last weekend.

The Team finished in 3rd place  and crowned more individual champions than any other school.  The six champions were:

Christopher Martino.
Tyler Pendleton
Cougar Olsen
Joe Watson
Jackson Moon
Aiden O’Donnell

Also placing 3rd was:
Andrew Chavez
Davin Vandenakker

4th place:  Tyson Peters

PWC Wresters headed to National Schoolboy Duals in Indianapolis – Jackson Moon, Tyler Pendleton and Gable Watson.   Good Luck to all of the boys and Coaches.

Team Idaho 2016
Team Idaho 2016

The Patriot Club would like to Congratulate all of the boys who competed in the State Greco/Freestyle Wrestling Tournament.   We have had a great year and had a great Patriot Team competing this weekend at the State Wrestling Tournament.   Thank you for a great year and Great Job to all of the Wrestlers, it has been a great season.   We will Continue to practice for Regional and National Events.   Practice times will be posted and sent to all Wrestlers interested in competing this summer.    


2016 USA Idaho GRECO State Championships Results for Patriot Wrestling
Bantam 45B – Shane Bayley’s place is 3rd                                                             20160506_215003
Bantam 50 – Jake Mescher’s place is 4th
Bantam 65 – Kyle Brent’s place is 4th
Intermediate 60 – Nathan Galloway’s place is 5th
Intermediate 65 – Dallin Galloway’s place is 4th.
Intermediate 65 – Hayden Thompson State Greco Champion
Novice 80 – Aiden Wichmann’s place is 5th
Novice 90 – Joe Watson’s place is 3rd
Schoolboy/Girl 84 – Tyler Pendleton’s place is 2nd
Schoolboy/Girl 84 – Jackson Moon’s State Greco Champion
Schoolboy/Girl 91 – Palmer Galloway’s place is 6th
Schoolboy/Girl 105 – Jett Nelson’s place is 5th
Schoolboy/Girl 128 – Aiden ODonald’s place is 2nd
Schoolboy/Girl 144 – Gable Watson State Greco Champion  
Cadet 126 – Ryan Wilson State Greco Champion                                                        image1IMG954591

2016 USA Idaho FREESTYLE State Champion Results for Patriot Wrestling
Schoolboy/Girl 84 – Tyler Pendleton’s place is 2nd
Schoolboy/Girl 84 – Jackson Moon State Freestyle Champion 
Schoolboy/Girl 91 – Palmer Galloway’s place is 4th
Schoolboy/Girl 105 – Jett Nelson’s place is 3rd
Schoolboy/Girl 128 – Aiden ODonald’s place is 5th20160507_151629
Schoolboy/Girl 144 – Gable Watson State Freestyle Champion
Cadet 126 – Ryan Wilson State Freestyle Champion
Novice 80 – Aiden Wichmann’s place is 5th
Novice 90 – Joe Watson’s place is 2nd.
Intermediate 60 – Nathan Galloway’s place is 4th
Intermediate 65 – Hayden Thompson State Freestyle Champion
Intermediate 65 – Dallin Galloway’s place is 5th
Bantam 45B – Shane Bayley’s 2nd                                        20160507_151542
Bantam 50A – Tucker Machos’s place is 6th
Bantam 50A – Drake Jayne’s place is 3rd
Bantam 50A – Darius Case’s place is 5th
Bantam 50B – Charlie Savoie’s place is 4th
Bantam 50B – Robert Miller’s place is 3rd
Bantam 50C – Jake Mescher State Freestyle Champion
Bantam 50C – Konnor Fordyce’s place is 3rd
Bantam 65A – Kyle Brent State Freestyle Champion
Pre-Bantam 40 – Nathan Miller’s place is 6th
Pre-Bantam 45B – Teryk Gunlock’s place is 2nd
Pre-Bantam 55 – Jared Welker’s place is 3rd

We also had Two PWC Wrestlers receive the TRIPLE CROWN AWARD which is a huge Achievement.
 Ryan Wilson and Gable Watson Received the award by winning State Titles in Folkstyle, Greco and Freestyle.   Excellent Job Boys, we are proud of you and way to set an Example for the rest of the Team.


We would like to congratulate all of the wrestlers who wrestled this weekend at the Daniel Cook Memorial Wrestling Tournament in Kuna.   We had a great turn out and all of the boys wrestled Great.   Great Job Wrestlers, Keep up the hard work!


Watson Brothers bring home the Gold and Silver from USA Wrestling/Asics Post-Season Nationals in Las Vegas.   Way to go Boys!!!

Joe Watson 1st Place
Gable Watson 2nd Place

Andrew Hochstasser and Austin Dewey put on Clinic for the PWC

IMG_3036Andrew is a volunteer assistant with Boise State Wrestling team.  He is a two-time All-American, two-time PAC-10 Conference champion and NCAA runner-up for the Broncos, when he wrestled from 2008-2011. He is currently training to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trails in April.

Austin Dewey, current BSU wrestler.  Wrestled at Centennial High School…..2012 5A State Champion at 160 pounds.

Thank you, Andrew and Austin!

PWC Elite Wrestler Ryan Wilson Storms his way through his Freshman Year At Centennial High School Winning the State Championship at 113 Pounds!


PWC Wrestlers set the bar high at the 2016 Middle School Folkstyle State Tournament, with Gable Watson winning the first State Championship of the Year.   Great job boys.

IMG952967Watson State 2016IMG_0064

Boise Native and Centennial High School Graduate Jon Jay Chavez qualifys for Olympic Trials at 75KG.

Excellent Middle School Season for our PWC Elite Wrestlers.   All where in the finals for the Middle School district Championships.   Way to go boys!

2015 Middle School State Championships
Joe Watson 2nd
Tyler Pendleton 2nd
Jackson Moon 3rd
Gable Watson 5th
Palmer Galloway 6th


2015 WestAda MS League Championships Results for Lowell Scott Middle School

79 – Jackson Moon (6-0) placed 1st
85 – Tyler Pendleton (10-0) placed 1st
91 – Joe Watson (12-0) placed 1st
98 – Palmer Galloway (9-2) placed 2nd
103- Jett Nelson (10-2) placed 2nd
130 – Gable Watson (9-2) placed 2nd